Sovereign Mandate


MFA Thesis - Power Series (1 of 5)

Absolute Power


MFA Thesis - Power Series (2 of 5)

Queen of Aquitaine


MFA Thesis - Power Series (3 of 5)

Morning in Oia


Santorini 2016



MFA Classwork. 2013



Oia, Santorini 2016



Yamaha YZF-R1 (M)

About Me



  Moving from Seattle after high school, I set about to how to best craft music and preserve it on the analog medium of magnetic tape in the LA recording industry. Through my music theory mentor Ron Fair and my studio coach Chris Huston, I gained insight and new perspective early in life. Woven throughout my life, the arts lead me to desire a visual platform for expression. While music plays a significant role in inspiration, I’m drawn to the aesthetics of light as it reveals the splendor of intrigue shown upon a subject.



Beauty can by subjective, but often isn’t. Morning light exposing the majesty of El Capitan with perspective of a broadening valley of pines, split with a sensual Merced, flowing nearer with lax movement can hardly be described by many as dull and uninspiring. We take appreciation of beauty as one of life’s benefits; visual beauty not withstanding it can come from the other senses of sound, taste and smell or touch as well. If the outcome of an image can involve more than a singularity, it can broaden the attractiveness of an image. My intent is to utilize the experiences with my life, create images with beauty, not only through visual representation, but that draw upon involvements broad in base that bring forward deeper meaning and appreciation. That is my goal, can you hear it? Feel it? Taste or smell it? Do you see it?



Gaining perspective through solutions found in the study of science and applying it to the multiple experiences taken from discrete paths in my life including multi-track production in music, inventory, analysis and procurement, mechanics, computer systems and software, western philosophy, and fine arts studies, I create images with the intent to show a profound visual impact. The story within the image blends color, texture, gradients and perspective with an underlying “lyric” to create and outcome with complexity and significance.